There's No Time to Waste When You Need Fort Worth Slab Leak Repair

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a leak in one of your home's pipes that occurs under the foundation, and these leaks can be highly destructive. If you find a slab leak or suspect you have one, then you need Fort Worth residential plumbing services with the expertise and equipment necessary to deal with it quickly and efficiently. Today's Fort Worth slab leak repair professionals have advanced tools and technology that can find the source of the problem quickly and allow a less invasive fix than may have been possible a few years ago. A trusted plumbing service will provide you with a repair estimate after diagnosing the leak and locating it.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks are usually the result of the pipe corrosion that occurs over time in any residential setting. Sometimes when your pipes spend too much time in contact with other metals in the soil under your house they can corrode and leak. Your home's particular water chemistry can also be a factor in slab leaks. Certain commercial cleaners can actually accelerate copper pipe corrosion and contribute to slab leaks. Another possible cause of slab leaks is a shift in your home's foundation. Any time your foundation needs repair, you should keep an eye on your water bills or call in one of the leading Fort Worth residential plumbing services to check for leaks.

What Are Some of the Signs of a Slab Leak?

Sometimes the only indication of a slab leak is a water bill that's higher than usual for no apparent reason. Some people are able to hear the sound of running water even though all plumbing fixtures are turned off, and some homeowners find wet patches on their floors. One way to check for the possibility of a slab leak is to shut off all faucets and any appliances that use water. Then record a baseline reading from your water meter. Wait for several hours if possible (8 hours is ideal), and record a second reading from your water meter. If it shows water usage even though everything is shut off, it's a sign you may have a slab leak, and you should call in a local slab leak repair specialist.

What Happens if You Ignore the Problem?

Never ignore the symptoms of a slab leak. These leaks can damage your home's foundation and its structure and can result in major headaches and major repair costs. When caught early, slab leak repair is not nearly as invasive. Today's best slab leak repair specialists have the diagnostic tools necessary to minimize how invasive a slab repair is. Plus, the earlier a slab leak repair is caught, the simpler the fix in most cases. Ignoring a slab leak repair could mean much more than just a plumbing repair down the road, so if you suspect you may have such a leak, it's best to call a trusted plumbing company to check it out for you. With a leak that's caught early, you'll pay less and have much less disruption to your home life due to a slab leak repair.

If you need Fort Worth residential plumbing services, then you want to hire the most experienced plumbing service you can find. Thatís true whether you have a leaky pipe or you need Fort Worth slab leak repair. Donít hire just anyone to handle your plumbing problems, but hire an expert who will get it right the first time. Go to to learn more.

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